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    MPU-6050,最新价格¥电询,盛芯科技,0755-83979915,2018/7/19 联系客服

    ID 340240
    更新日期 2017年6月16日
    MPU-6050系列 运动传感器 - IMU(惯性测量装置)_IMU ACCEL/GYRO 3-AXIS I2C 24QFN
    MPU-6050厂商 TDK InvenSense
    MPU-6050封装 24QFN
    MPU-6050库存数量 12982
    MPU-6050包装 1请参考以下详细说明
    MPU-6050参考价格 ¥电询快速订购MPU-6050,请致电18925266516, .
    描述 进口原装
    Parameter MPU-6050:
    Datasheets 索取MPU-6050的资料,请电邮。

    TDK InvenSense代理分销商
    MPU-6050是TDK InvenSense公司最常用的电子元件型号之一,最新的报价在元到元,属于IMU ACCEL/GYRO 3-AXIS I2C 24QFN

    MPU-6000/6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) MEMS MotionTracking™ Devices
    for Smart Phones, Tablets, and Wearable Sensors


    InvenSense Six Axis Gyroscope and Accelorometer with Embedded Digital Motion Processor

    The MPU-6000/MPU-6050™ family of parts are the world’s first and only 6-axis MotionTracking devices designed for the low power, low cost, and high performance requirements of smartphones, tablets and wearable sensors.

    The MPU-6050 incorporates InvenSense’s MotionFusion™ and run-time calibration firmware that enables manufacturers to eliminate the costly and complex selection, qualification, and system level integration of discrete devices in motion-enabled products, and guarantees that sensor fusion algorithms and calibration procedures deliver optimal performance for consumers.

    Motion interface is rapidly becoming a key function in many consumer electronics devices including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and smart-TVs as it provides an intuitive way for consumers to interact with electronic devices by tracking motion in free space and delivering these motions as input commands.

    The MPU-6000/6050 devices combine a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) capable of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms. The parts’ integrated 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms access external magnetometers or other sensors through an auxiliary master I²C bus, allowing the devices to gather a full set of sensor data without intervention from the system processor. The devices are offered in the same 4x4x0.9 mm QFN footprint and pinout as the current MPU-3000™ family of integrated 3-axis gyroscopes, providing a simple upgrade path and making it easy to fit on space constrained boards.

    The InvenSense MotionApps™ Platform that comes with the MPU-6050 abstracts motion-based complexities, offloads sensor management from the operating system and provides a structured set of APIs for application development.

    For precision tracking of both fast and slow motions, the parts feature a user-programmable gyro full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000°/sec (dps) and a user-programmable accelerometer full-scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16g.

    The MPU-6000 family is comprised two parts with features summarized in the table below. Both parts feature an industry-best 6-axis supply current of 3.8mA. To save space, the package size of the devices has been driven down to a revolutionary footprint of 4x4x0.9mm (QFN). Additional features include an embedded temperature sensor and an on-chip oscillator with ±1% variation over the operating temperature range.

    MPU-6000/6050™ System Diagram

    System Diagram of the InvenSense 3 Axis Gyroscope and 3 Axis Accelerometer with Embedded Digital Motion Processor, enabling 9 Axis Motion Fusion


    • SmartPhones
    • Tablets
    • Wearable Sensors


    • Digital-output of 6 or 9-axis MotionFusion data in rotation matrix, quaternion, Euler Angle, or raw data format
    • Tri-Axis angular rate sensor (gyro) with a sensitivity up to 131 LSBs/dps and a full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000dps
    • Tri-Axis accelerometer with a programmable full scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g and ±16g
    • Reduced settling effects and sensor drift by elimination of board-level cross-axis alignment errors between accelerometers and gyroscopes
    • Digital Motion Processing™ (DMP™) engine offloads complex MotionFusion, sensor timing synchronization and gesture detection
    • MotionApps™ Platform support for Android, Linux, and Windows
    • Embedded algorithms for run-time bias and compass calibration. No user intervention required
    • Digital-output temperature sensor
    • Digital input on FSYNC pin to support video Electronic Image Stabilization and GPS
    • Programmable interrupt supports gesture recognition, panning, zooming, scrolling, free fall interrupt, high-G interrupt, zero-motion detection, tap detection, and shake detection
    • VDD Supply voltage range of 2.375V–3.46V; VLOGIC (MPU-6050) at 1.8V±5% or VDD
    • Gyro operating current: 3.6mA (full power, gyro at all rates)
    • Gyro + Accel operating current: 3.8mA (full power, gyro at all rates, accel at 1kHz sample rate)
    • Accel low power mode operating currents: 10uA at 1Hz, 20uA at 5Hz, 70uA at 20Hz, 140uA at 40Hz
    • Full Chip Idle Mode Supply Current: 5µA
    • 400kHz Fast Mode I²C or up to 20MHz SPI (MPU-6000 only) serial host interfaces
    • User self test
    • 10,000g shock tolerant
    • Smallest and thinnest package for portable devices (4x4x0.9mm QFN)
    • RoHS and Green compliant


    电源ICL6562DTR  L6562ADTR  L6562N   L6599DTR  L6561D013TR  L6561N  L4981AD  L4981A   TSM103WAIDT

           SG3525ANG  SG3525ADWR2G  MBRD835LT4G  MBR2045CTG   MBR10100CT   MBR20100CT  MMBT3904LT1G

            MBR140SFT1  MURS160T3   LD7575PS   STP75NF75   UC3842BN   VIPER12A   VIPER22A

    OB2269CCP   OB2263MP     LM258   LM358   L324    TVP5150AM1PBSR   EL817B  PC817B 

    STPS20H100CT   STC5NF20V   LP2995M  JM20330B5  TSM103WAIDT  STP4NK60Z STP5NK50Z STP6NK90Z

    FSFR2100   STP8NK80Z   STP9NK50Z   STP10NK60ZFP   FQP8N60C   FQPF8N60C   FQP6N80C   

    XC6206P152MR   XC6206P182MR   XC6204B182MR   XC6206P282MR    XC6206P332PR/MR

    XC6206P242PR   XC6204B282MR   XC6203E332PR   XC6206P252MR   XC6206P332MRN 

    ST MCUSTM8S103F3P6   STM8S903K3T6C   ST7FOXA0M6   STM32F101C8T6   STM32F103C8T6   STM32F103T8U6

            STM32F100C8T6  STM32F103RBT6   ST7FMC2S4T6  ST72F324BJ6T6   STM32F101VBT6   STM32F101VCT6

            STM32F101VET6  STM32F103ZET6   STM32F103VCT6  STM8S105S4T6C  STM8S105C6T6   STM8S207C6T6

            ST72F324J4B6   STM32F103C6T6A   STM32F103VBT6   STM8S207S676C


    播放器:JM20330   RTL8201CP  SII3114CTU   AAT1154IAS-1.0-T1   AK4420ET 


    SONY  CCD系列:ICX404AK    ICX405AK    ICX408AK    ICX409AK    ICX639AKA

    ICX408AK+CXD3172AR+CXA2096N         ICX409AK+CXD3172AR+CXA2096N
    ICX638AKA+CXD3172AR+CXA2096N        ICX639AKA+CXD3172AR+CXA2096N



    DVB(机顶盒)系列:M3329C   M3329E     M3101C   USB3300-EZK  ESD5V3U1U-02LRH

    SMSC系列:LAN9115-MT LAN9220ABZJ  LAN8710B  USB3300-EZK  LAN9500  LAN92XX系列

    DVB高频头系列:    DCT70707   DCT70704   TD1611ALF/IHP-4   CD1616LF/GIH-4

    Realtek网卡芯片:RTL8201BL   RTL8201CP  RTL8019AS  RTL8100BL  RTL8316B  RTL8305SC  RTL8187L/RTL8225

    硬盘录像机DVR:TW2815 TW2700 TW2834  TW2835  TW2864B  TW2865  TW2866

    FLASHJS28F640J3D75  JS28F128J3D75  S29GL064M90TFIR00 S29AL016D70TFI020   S29GL128N90TFIR10  MC9S08LL16CLH  MC9S08QE32CLC  MC9S08AW60CFUE  MC9S08GT60CFBE  MC9S08GT16CFBE   K9F1208UOC-PCBO  K8P3215UQB-PI4B  W9812G6XH-6  W9816G6XH-6 W25x10AVSNIG  W25x20AVSNIIG  W25x80AVSSIG  W25x16AVSSIG  W25x40VSNIG    W9864G6IH-6  W9864G6XH-6  W9464G6IH-5  W9412G6IH-5  W9825G6EH-6  HY57V641620FTP  H57V2562GTR-75C   HY5DU561622FTP  K4T51163QG-HCE6  K4T51163QG-HCF7  MX25L3205DM2I-12G

    移动硬盘系列:JM20339  JM20329  JM20336  JM20316  JM20337  JM20330   JMH330


    MICROCHIPMCP9700T-E/LT   PIC16F917-E/ML  MCP1630-E/MS  MCP1700T-3002E/MB

    TC1055-3.0VCT713  24LC128-I/SN  PIC16C505-04/P  MCP4251-103E/ST  PIC16F628A-I/SO

    PIC16F73-I/SP4AP  PIC16C73B-04/SP  PIC16F73-I/SP4AP  PIC16C773-I/SP


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